Lovely Images from Lisa


courtesy of Lisa Haeghebaert

Yesterday I received these images with a sweet email from Lisa in Belgium:

Thank you for making what we have an art-form & giving me a way to explain to people it’s perfectly normal and beautiful. I have lived with it for years trying to hide it and now I can say it’s my art.

Thank YOU Lisa, for sharing your art with me.

courtesy of Lisa Haeghebaert

courtesy of Lisa Haeghebaert

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About Ariana

Ariana Page Russell is the founder of the Skintome movement. She has taken her skin condition dermatographia and used it as a means of inspiration, connectivity, and purpose. Dermatographia is a condition that hyper-sensitizes the skin to touch, stress, diet, and chemicals. Something that in the eyes of many may be deemed as a weakness she has turned into a source of power to live her life with a heightened sense of consciousness and expression.