Hi there! I’m Ariana, visual artist + artist coach.

I’ve been a working artist for more than a decade. My art has been exhibited internationally, I’m represented by galleries in New York City and Seattle, my work has had an impact on people all over the world, and I’m making money being an artist.

It sure has been rewarding, but not the easiest thing in the world.

It’s awesome being a successful artist but you know what I’ve learned over the years? It takes WAY more than creativity to succeed.  And being a working artist can be HARD. You need to be innovative and driven.  You need ambition, focus, commitment, and to be resourceful enough to juggle promoting your art, maintaining a dedicated art making practice AND a life, supporting yourself, keeping good documentation and records, finding an audience, researching grants and shows–essentially running your own business.

PLUS you have to have thick skin, cuz making art means you’re opening yourself up to criticism and rejection. While having this thick skin you also have to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to make powerful art that has an impact on people.

And don’t forget to TRUST YOUR INTUITION!

Are you SURE you want to be an artist? Haha jk, of course you do.

Sometimes we just need some help navigating this crazy-but-amazingly-rewarding artistic path. 

I’m living proof that when you let yourself be vulnerable in your art, people will take notice and thank you for it.

My journey involves turning my skin condition dermatographia into a source of inspiration, community and art. What I discovered is that when we live life in an intentional, aware, holistic way, our natural urge to create comes out, along with our inner beauty. When we use our own experience for inspiration, what we create is so amazing it organically finds an audience and forms community. And then all the busy-ness that goes along with being an artist feels less and less difficult, because the results of all that hard work are exponentially rewarding.

I started Skintome to be a place where artists, people with dermatographia, and people looking for ways to enrich and grow their creative life could come together under one roof.

“Working with Ariana is like getting a jumpstart on your dreams. Ariana provides practical, real-world advice for advancing your creative career. She asks critical questions that help clarify what it is that you want. From there, she offers a step by step plan for attaining those goals.”

Julie Weitz, artist,


Working with Ariana is like speaking with a very art-focused, helpful friend.  She gave a unique perspective on my work and the way in which I was presenting it that really struck me.  Ariana’s artistic eye and openness to my work made the critique and feedback very refreshing and inspiring.  She was friendly, receptive, and kept the focus on my work and me throughout our sessions.  I really enjoyed my experience with Ariana and not only would I recommend her, but I would love to work with her again.

Talia Ellis, artist,

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“Ariana is amazing and a true artistic visionary. She has navigated the process of fear of expression and self-actualization so gracefully on a path that has led her to become an internationally acclaimed fine artist recognized by galleries and media outlets all over the world. What’s even cooler is Ariana works with other artists, and anyone creative really, in helping them navigate this path of authentic expression, holistic approaches to the creative process, cultivating consistency, and getting your work out into the world. This is really powerful work, especially for us entrepreneurs riding the line between creative and consistent and finding that right balance, becoming comfortable being vulnerable, and trusting the process.”

Alisha Golden, entrepreneur


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